Universal Truth?

Yesterday, unscriptured member deej3464 commented that the God I’m talking to seems very Judaic (see Revolt of the Angels). Now I was raised Catholic but had a pretty lackluster interest in what churchy stuff I was being taught. By specifying Judaic rather than Christian, I don’t know if deej3464 meant to imply the God of the Old Testament as distinct from the God of the New Testament, or if he meant the Judeo-Christian God as distinct from religions that do not hold any parts of The Bible to be sacred. Now God has already told me I don’t get to use him to pry into the minds of individuals, so I wasn’t going to ask him for any clarifications on what deej3464 meant, but I could ask why pretty much everything we’ve talked about could be related back to The Bible.

So I asked.

What he told me is that he largely reflects back to me what I’m already comfortable with. So, because my background is Christian, I get to talk to a Christian God. If I had been raised Buddhist or in a family that worshipped Shiva, I’d be getting face time with very different aspects of God. Not a different God, but a different part of God.

So, aha, I thought, the polytheists have it wrong, there’s only one God. Well, he disabused me of that notion pretty quick. So much as there’s only one universe, there’s only one God, but in that sense we are not individuals because we are part of the universe and the universe is what God is, at least in some sense. So if it’s at all practical to think of ourselves as individuals distinct from the universe, it’s just as reasonable to think of different Gods as individuals distinct from each other, so both polytheism and monotheism are both true at the same time.

God doesn’t seem to like it when I try to limit him.

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Comment by Deej
On October 12, 2006 at 11:51 am

I was expressing how I felt God was presenting himself. But only so far. Being that there is ever so much territory to cover, it may just be that he hadn’t hit too much on the Christian part of things, yet.
I’d be interested to hear more about the different interpretations of God. How the set of rules in one culture differ, and agree, with another.
Speaking of rules…the First Commandment on the tablets that Moses ( reportedly ) took down from the mountain sugests that there IS more than one god up there. ‘Thou shalt place no God before me’ implies that there’s others out there, but he’s the Big Daddy, and don’t you forget it. Assuming that the stories are True, and Moses took down those tablets, and his people saw them, and saved them, then it can also be assumed that this is, indeed, what God wrote down. The translations over the last three or four thousand years could have changed the content, but the Jewish people were very meticulous about such things, as is understandable. After all, you don’t often get a signature from so high up, and messing around with THAT canon could do serious harm to your soul.
As always, I’m a lot like Thomas – I’m not dismissing anything, I just wonder why.

Comment by ArethaWhitmarsh
On December 1, 2010 at 12:37 am

that was very true that we find god at every place with us we can feel him. i have experienced it from a long time whenever i m wrong he gives intimation but beyond that if i do the mistake then he instantly punishes me. i have felt that he is always with me….


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