All Soul’s Day

As explained yesterday, November second is All Soul’s Day. On Halloween we examine our mortality and the role that evil may play both in our lives and our afterlife. On All Saint’s Day we pray for the soul’s of the departed that have been recognized to be saints. And on All Soul’s Day we pray for all the rest, for all the souls that have not yet made it into Heaven and for the ones that we’re not sure if they’ve made it or not.

So in a sense, All Soul’s Day is a celebration of uncertainty. It’s the day of praying for et cetera. Now I’d like to say I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, because it’s the obvious punchline, but it just wouldn’t be honest of me. I think it’s important to celebrate uncertainty. I think it’s an amazing and empowering thing to realize that we don’t know everything.

So embrace your uncertainty. Maybe it will embrace you back. Who knows?

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