In His Name

Some people say the U.S. went to war with Iraq because the neo-conservatives thought it would help usher in the Second Coming of Christ. This is related to a whole lot of Christians whose political beliefs I just can’t reconcile. They seem to live lives completely defined by death. They worship in churches beneath images of Christ dying on the cross. They go to rallies against abortion, and have advocated killing doctors that perform them. They vote for politician’s that vote for war. They vote for politicians that support the death penalty.

When I talked to God about this he sighed and said that people have always killed in his name. I got the impression he knew that we always will, but as usual, he wouldn’t be specific about what the future entails.

We talked a little about the Crusades. We talked a little about Palestinian suicide bombers. We talked about a lot. Let me just sum up as pithily as I can:

Gods don’t kill people. People with Gods kill people.

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