The Eye of the Beholder

I was at a party and overheard some people talking. They were complaining about ugly people marrying other ugly people and having kids. In so many words they said that ugly people should not be allowed to breed, that they should voluntarily take themselves out of the gene pool.

So I asked God how he felt about this.

He told me that Ray Stevens got it right when he wrote the words, “Everything is beautiful, in its own way.” Everything is beautiful, and everyone is beautiful; if you can’t see the beauty, it is your own ugliness that is getting in the way.

To put it another way, if someone isn’t beautiful to you, don’t presume to think that they aren’t beautiful to anyone.

Not being one of the beautiful people myself, I found this pretty encouraging. Not that I’m a breeder or anything.

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On February 18, 2007 at 2:36 am

in high school, “pretty” people are more bothered by “pretty” people and
“ugly” people dating or whatnot, because the “pretty” one could “do much better”
that really bugs me
how do we decide what beauty is, and why are so many people blind to it?


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