Full Contact Eating

I asked God if she had any favorite foods. She told me that she eats but only when she’s with someone who is eating, that she doesn’t do it alone. Given that, her favorite food is whatever the favorite food is of whomever she’s dining with. She doesn’t so much enjoy the food herself, as she gets a kind of contact high from the people around her.

I asked her, then, if the fact that people can get contact highs off of each other is just another facet of being made in her image. She said that she never really thought of that but that I was probably right.

I was extremely pleased with myself.

Later, I realized she probably only said that to make me feel good.

But still, it felt good anyway.

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Comment by BobGod
On November 28, 2006 at 11:45 am

Wow. g_d lied to you to make you feel good and prevent a more substantive conversation… how similar to g_d’s followers.

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