Second Hand Truth

Okay, I probably heard this second or third hand and even that was so long ago that it might even be that I’ve imagined the whole thing, but that still wouldn’t invalidate the idea and the idea is all that really matters to what I’ve got to say. Phew.

Someone once told me about a science fiction story that was about humans encountering an alien race that had no concept of lying. I don’t remember how the fact that humans not only know of lying but do it on a more than regular basis figured into the story, but just the idea itself is pretty intriguing. So I asked God about it. We talked a little about it, she seemed to be feeling me out to see how I felt about lying in general, but I held my cards pretty close to my vest. The thing that we eventually came around to was when she asked me if I thought it was possible for a race to have no ability to lie in a world that was rife with ambiguity.

I had to think about that for a little bit, but I finally allowed as how I didn’t see it as very plausible.

So then she asked me if I could imagine a world that significantly lacked ambiguity.

I found that even harder to believe.

Then, and I think she was just messing with me, but you never really know, she told me that she could imagine both things, but that she wasn’t going to tell me if she had.

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