I was driving out on the highway and got to wondering what God thought about our penchant for strewing the planet with long ribbons of asphalt and concrete. The next time he stopped by I brought up the subject and we went down various paths and pretty much went wherever the subject took us. God seemed pretty accepting of the need for the utility they provide but was somewhat wistful for the days before.

Imagine God as a sculptor and Earth as one of his works. Have you ever seen a sculpture of a horse rearing up in all its majesty? The kind of sculpture where the sculpted legs of the horse wouldn’t be able to support the weight of the whole piece. In a lot those, the artist has placed a rock or tree or some such next to the horse and often under the horse so that it helps support the weight without being completely aesthetically bankrupt. I’m sure the creators have agonized over how to balance their vision with the practicalities of their chosen medium.

Now imagine that some cretin buys the sculpture and it doesn’t quite fit in the space where he wants to put it. He hires someone to cut off the tree or rock or whatever and then just ties it up to a wall with steel cables wrapped around the body of the horse.

Our roads are those steel cables, practical but ugly.

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