Just Over Your Shoulder

You know that feeling that someone’s watching you? That sense that if you could just look in the right direction you’d see a pair of eyes pointed right at you, but you turn and twist and you crane your neck and there’s nothing there? I had one of those moments this morning, but I was home alone when it happened. That got me to thinking about what else that feeling might mean. What if the feeling was true but it wasn’t from anything corporeal? So when God stopped by this afternoon, I asked him straight out, does that feeling have anything to do with guardian angels?

He laughed and told me no.

So I had to find out why he laughed.

The notion that we’ve each got an angel that follows us around and keeps us from any unapproved harm, apparently that’s not true. If angels had to follow us around, well that would sort of preclude any possibility that they’ve got free will and then there couldn’t have been any revolt of the angels, and, as I’ve already told you, the revolt remains a big deal with many of the angels.

On the other hand, there are some angels that do go around playing guardians on their own, as a kind of hobby, but God doesn’t really sanction that sort of vigilantism. Go figure.

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