Global Storming

One time God was hanging out in a cave with a storyteller, waiting for a big rainstorm to pass. This particular storyteller had a big fear of thunder and lightning and was having a really bad time as the storm went on for days. So God wanted to distract him and cheer him up. She was looking into the future at the time and thinking about things she could do to get all of mankind to pull together as one team, to become one big tribe. So she talked about that to the storyteller, but only in very general terms, nothing specific.

Well, the storyteller thought it was a pretty cool idea but he couldn’t imagine it happening. In his mind, it was difficult enough for just a family to all get along so it had to be nigh on impossible for all of mankind. But then, he thought, what if the problem was not only something that people needed to band together to deal with but something that effectively reduced mankind down to little more than a single family.

He liked that idea, so he ran with it. Because of the recent storm and the dark clouds that still hung over the land, he decided to go with flooding for his crisis. Soon he was fleshing out the details and telling his tale and being treated to dinner and other tokens of appreciation all over the land. His story was the box office hit of its day.

Eventually, a version of it made its way into the Bible as the story of Noah and the ark.

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