While I was driving today, I saw one of those bumper stickers. The ones that say, “Christians are not perfect, just forgiven.” So I thought I’d ask God if that was true.

That they’re not perfect? Absolutely.

That they’re forgiven. Well, yeah. It seems God is pretty easygoing when it comes to forgiveness. If you ask for it, and you really want it, then he’ll give it to you. Now part of really wanting it is really believing that you need it, that you did something that was wrong. And don’t try to parse that for a loophole, it just means that the only part you’ll be forgiven for is the part that you believe was wrong. It doesn’t even matter if God thinks it’s wrong, as long as you think so, he’ll forgive you for it.

But the part that the bumper sticker fails to cover, is that being forgiven doesn’t mean you don’t get punished. Just because the mother of the man you killed finds it in her heart to forgive you, doesn’t mean the warden is going to let you out of jail.

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