Lighten Up

One of the staples of Hollywood movies is the neighbors trying to outdo each other. A not uncommon example of this is two houses trying to have the biggest, fanciest, display of Christmas lights.

Talking to God about this, I expected him to tell me that he preferred a simple nativity scene to a gaudy array of lights, but, as is often the case, I didn’t get the answer I expected. He said that nativity scenes are nice, but rather limited in their options. Light displays, on the other hand allow for nearly infinite variety, and one thing that God is obviously fond of is diversity.

But what God most wanted to tell me was that a little friendly competition is a good thing, just be careful not to take it so far that you lose the friendly aspect. As with all things, you should focus on quality over quantity.

So remember that the whole Christmas lights thing started with just one over-zealous star, which shows that sometimes less is more. Of course, that’s only sometimes.

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