Thank You, Jesus

Even if you mostly avoid watching sports, as I do, you can still manage to learn that a lot of athletes, after a big win or even a small one, thank either Jesus or God. Sometimes it seems to be about the specific game they just finished and others it seems to be about their skill in general. I thought I’d ask God how he feels about that. Does he really help them? Does he want to be thanked? Is he getting tired of me asking stupid questions?

Well, if you’ve been reading along in my past posts, you know that God is not really big on taking sides. His general tack is to let us play out our lives and then, based on how we think and behave, he chooses how to set up our after lives. So no, he doesn’t help.

Now the thanking? First, he thinks he should be thanked for the things he does. So a beautiful sunset? Sure. The Grand Canyon? Thank away. Beating your fellow man at a contest that is nothing more than essentially vacuous entertainment? Get a life.

Now before I lose all the sports fans, let me say that neither I nor God have anything against essentially vacuous entertainment. I don’t spend all my time on education and good works. My tastes run more to watching stand-up comedy on HBO than keeping track of earned run averages, but if that’s your thing, no problem.

But thanking God for your latest field goal. Now that’s hubris trying to mask itself as humility and God would just as soon be left out of it.

Oh, and God told me that I haven’t asked too many stupid questions yet, but I should maybe be a little more careful in the future. Of course, just because the advice comes direct from God, doesn’t mean I’ll follow it. Free will, baby.

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