Children of the Night

I once saw a news program about people that purport to believe that they are vampires. They wear dark clothes. They avoid going out in the sunlight. They even have prosthetic fangs that fit onto their teeth and make them sound funny when they try to talk. Okay, I’ll admit to finding them a little silly and a little sad and I think God picked up on that when I brought them up in conversation.

I never did get God to give me an opinion of his own about them, instead he just seemed to care about making sure that I didn’t go around feeling smugly superior to them.

Imagine that they went into this lifestyle because they couldn’t really feel the pleasure of a normal human relationship. Imagine that they could feel love and could enjoy sex and emotional attachment but that it just wasn’t satisfying, that it was like getting a glass of water with a hint of citric acid while everyone else is drinking fresh squeezed lemonade. Now imagine that by playing at vampirism they were able to make love in a way that is like a rich lemon sorbet.

Would I pity someone that foregoes lemonade to indulge in lemon sorbet or would I pity myself for not being able to choose everything on the menu?

The answer, of course, is neither. We all bring something to humanity, we’re all in this together, and we couldn’t be what we are, if they couldn’t be what they are.

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