Bad Dreams

I had something of a bad dream last night. I can’t remember it now but I think it had something to do with being the only one wearing clothes at a nudist colony. Anyway, that got me to wondering if God had nightmares, but he once told me that he hasn’t really slept since the creation of the universe, so I figured there was no point in asking. But being pointless never stopped me before, so when a lull popped up in the conversation I went ahead.

As expected, God doesn’t sleep, so he doesn’t dream. Except, that the whole universe can be sort of considered a dream that God is having. Since when we dream, everything we see or seem manifests out of our thoughts and is responsive to them, when we dream is when we are most like God. So does God have any fears that might affect our world? Well, he never really answered that but he flipped it around and said that he had some trepidation about how we might affect the world.

He’s afraid we might yet end up in all out nuclear war.

He told me that one way to look at the Earth and those of us that live here is as an art project. Imagine the Earth as a giant mural painted on the side of your local supermarket. Popping off nuclear bombs all over the planet would be like local gangs coming in and spray-painting their competing tags all over it. While it might not destroy what’s underneath, it’s pretty likely it won’t be very aesthetic.

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On February 18, 2007 at 3:04 am

well, it might not be aesthetically pleasing to you or me, but but isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder?
didn’t he say that?
i’ve seen pictures of vaitnam after the war, and sure, they were’t pretty but i learned something and they sure were breath-taking.
there must be poeple that find war beautiful.
some find sensless destruction fun ( and sure, i think it’s cool to see tennis balls being lit on fire and thrown in to a sand pit where they burn and eventually go out) but what about finding the aesthetics in the motion?
fire is beautiful, it’s ending result can be but isn’t always.
it depends on the beholder.
ps. i really didn’t mean to ramble


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