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Many Creationists believe that the universe came into being just five or six thousand years ago. This is largely due to the influence of a variety of Biblical literalists, the kind of guys that you’d call bean counters if you saw them around the office. These guys did things like add up the number of generations in the Bible and use whatever information was listed about their ages and various other things to put a date to creation.

Obviously the people doing this weren’t familiar with the part of the credits that tell you that although the film was based on actual historical events, some parts have been combined or omitted for dramatic purposes.

I asked God what he felt about the Young Earth theories. The first thing he told me was that it comes out of two human flaws; the desire to be the center of attention, and the desire to resolve ambiguity.

The ambiguity part was fairly obvious, but I had to ask for more information on how wanting to be the center of attention related to Young Earth theories.

God told me that it comes down to a human need to believe that they’re the reason the universe was created. They have a hard time accepting that they might have been an afterthought, but God says they’re looking at it all wrong. In the beginning when he created the cosmos, it was little more than doodling in the sand. He did it just because he could. Then, when the picture started to form it began to inspire more focused thoughts and a desire to do something more purposeful. That’s when he decided to create mankind.

In their rush to be the center of God’s attention, they end up wanting a universe that was created specifically to hold them. They don’t realize that what they’re describing is the cosmological equivalent of a shotgun wedding. Their suggestion is like saying that God got pregnant with them and then had to rush together the universe before they began to show. In fact, he says, he created a universe that was so beautiful that he created mankind just to have someone new to share it with.

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Comment by BobGod
On January 8, 2007 at 11:57 am

“Young Earth” Theories? Are you kidding me? Calling it a “Young Earth” theories is like calling it “Rocks don’t fall to the ground, but really float and we’re lying to ourselves to force a political ideology and hide our insecurity” instead of “The LAW of GRAVITY”.

Duplication of a meme is the same as propagation. Call a LIE a LIE and kill the meme outright.


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