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I was looking back over my notes of previous conversations with God and I noticed another dichotomy. When I talked with him about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, in the Garden of Eden, he gave me a pretty straight answer. He told me that he kept Adam and Eve from eating from the tree for as long as he reasonably could but that it had been an inevitability. Yet time and again, God has talked to me about how he didn’t create the world out of whole cloth, but rather set in process the great engine of the universe with a design that would lead to the “natural” creation of man.

So I asked him, was there really a Garden of Eden? Was there really a Tree of Knowledge? Or were these just fairy tales?

He didn’t seem to like the apparent disdain I felt for fairy tales. He told me that rarely is something “just” a fairy tale. Those tales are the way we teach each other important lessons. The story of Adam and Eve may not have been a documentary, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hold truth. There may not have been an apple or an apricot or a kumquat or whatever that some early man bit into to have the veil of innocence pulled from across his eyes, but there was certainly a period where our early ancestors began an accelerated path of learning. That was the time when we first began to tell tales to each other. Those early narratives were a way of encapsulating lessons so that they could be memorized so that prior to the invention of writing they could be passed down from generation to generation.

Those early fairy tales formed the first hint of the shoulders of giants that mankind has stood upon ever since.

So God told me not to discount the power and worth of a simple tale that children want to experience over and over and over again to teach us valuable lessons. That might be a good thing for video game makers to think about.

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