The Future of Drinking

It still catches me by surprise, the aspects of my conversations with God that butt up against the rules he established at the start. Things that are perfectly normal to crop up when I’m talking with friends end up running into a wall when I’m talking with the creator. I mean, it makes sense and all, but it just, well, catches me by surprise.

I was reading an article about the music industry when he showed up today. The article talked about how technology in general, and the internet in particular, are causing the recording industry to scramble to reinvent their business plans and models. So I asked him whether or not he thought the record labels would be able to keep signing artists to long term contracts when they no longer have a stranglehold on the ability for people to find new music acts. He said, he already knows how it all plays out, but he won’t tell me, that it wouldn’t be fair.

And that’s the key thing that I’m talking about. The kind of rampant speculation and prognosticating that we all do all the time, the give and take forecasting that we do with each other, I don’t get to do any of that with the guy that’s become one of my closest friends.

Imagine that you had a friend that you talked to every day and you could talk about anything you want but if you ever mention drinks or drinking he just clams up. It’s kind of like that. Heard about that new brand of bottled water? Nothing. I’m heading out to the liquor store, you want me to pick you up something. Blank stares. It’s just not the kind of thing that I think you could ever really get used to.

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