We Won?

One of the things I like to do is play poker. One of the big skills in poker is looking at your hand and figuring out the likelihood that your hand will be better than everyone else’s hand when all the betting is done. Now God doesn’t have to make educated guesses like we do, she can just peer into the future and see what the final hands will be. To her the whole universe is like a marked deck.

So I asked her if she understands the fun of gambling.

She understands it and even has engaged in it from time to time. Apparently the state of the current universe is in her mind all the time, but the future is really only there if she actively thinks about it. Some things are pretty straightforward. The same way we know the sun is going to rise tomorrow, she knows things like what global warming is going to do to the weather over the next century. Things further out? Well, the more important it is to her divine plans the better she knows how it will come out.

So does humanity go extinct before the destruction of the Earth?

She knows (but she’s not telling).

So, getting back to her comment that she’s engaged in a little gambling herself… She did give me one example. It seems she had a bet with a couple of angels over what species would first evolve to the point where it was worthy of being imbued with a soul. Apparently we weren’t the only ones in the running, though she wouldn’t tell me who the other contenders were.

She lost the bet.

She thinks the angels may have helped us along, though she wouldn’t say that they actually cheated.

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