Road Rage

Like a large percentage of men, I can be a fairly impatient driver. I was making some rude comments on the social standing of the driver in front of me when God decided to join me. I don’t mean join me in disparaging my fellow road warrior, just that he joined me in the car, he slipped into the passenger seat and told me that I wasn’t being particularly charitable.

Now, I should have taken a deep breath and composed myself, but I was angry and instead went on something of a rant. My pet peeve, for the moment, is driver’s that don’t use their turn signals. You’d think with the number of traffic fatalities on our roads every year that people would do anything they could to better coordinate with the other drivers on the road.

God did concede that most people don’t really get the concept of enlightened self-interest, but told me I should spend more of my time on improving myself and less on berating others. Even if I don’t berate them to their face.

Oh, and God wears his seat-belt. I’m not sure why.

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