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I haven’t done a thorough rundown with God on what happens when we die, but we’ve discussed some aspects of it, or at least touched on them. Today I decided to try and flesh out some of what I knew.

There’s the basics that I was taught growing up: We’re born, we live our lives being as good as we can, given our human frailties, and then we die. Once we’re dead, our souls go rushing off to Heaven where Peter takes out the big book of our lives and figures out the final tally. If the final tally is bad enough, to Hell with us. If it’s good enough, we continue on through the gates and enter Heaven. If we’re somewhere in between, we go off to Purgatory to work off our debt to God.

After I explained that that was what I knew we never really did get around to the questions I thought I was going to ask.

Right off God pointed out to me that Purgatory is not mentioned in the Bible. Now I already knew that the Bible is a relatively short compendium and so all the religions that rely on it have to make up a lot of stuff to fill in the gaps and edges, but I thought Purgatory, at least, was in there.

So I asked her if she told me that as a way of telling me that Purgatory doesn’t exist.

She told me that everything exists and nothing exists, all on her whim. She just pointed out that bit of Biblical trivia to try and see if I had any thoughts of my own on the subject or if I was just going to regurgitate badly remembered stories from my youth.

I told her I’d get back to her on that.

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