After yesterday’s talk with God about what happens when we die, I got to thinking about the scales of justice as they apply to sin. For some reason, my mind focused in on blasphemy. I got to wondering just how serious a transgression it really was. I mean, surely committing murder is a lot more likely to send you to Hell than venially invoking the name of God.

What God told me is that unlike the penal code, there’s no letter of the law he has to adhere to. So the importance that he applies to taking his name in vain varies. And yes, it’s usually a lot more forgivable than murder. But more than manslaughter? Maybe not as much.

He also mentioned that he does have something of an ego, so he doesn’t really like to see his name misused or slandered any more than most people.

The final thing that I remember from the conversation, though, was he told me that not every time we think someone is swearing are they really taking his name in vain. Sometimes when somebody says, “God damn it,” they’re sincerely asking him to damn something. Even if they don’t realize it consciously.

But don’t think he does it, just because they ask, though.

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