One of my favorite movies is Harold and Maude and one of the reasons is this exchange between the title characters:

Harold asks, “Maude, do you pray?”

And Maude answers, “Pray? No… I communicate.”

Now I’m lucky, or blessed, or whatever else you want to call it, because I actually get to talk with God. She comes to my house or joins me wherever I am and we get to have real conversation. So I asked her, what about everyone else, how can they not just pray but communicate?

She told me many of them already do. People that go out and sit among the trees and get a sense of calm from it. That’s God touching their soul and telling them that things are okay. People that talk to someone they trust and feel better just from the unburdening, that’s God talking back to them.

People that hear their dog telling them to kill their spouse… well, that’s something else.

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