There’s this notion out there that our entire lives are recorded even before we’re born. Call it destiny, or call it God’s plan or call it something else, but it all boils down to the same thing. Now, I’ve talked to God a lot about free will but it’s such an important notion to me that I come back to it again and again. Obviously pre-destiny is pretty much antithetical to free will, so I’m generally against it as a notion. So far God has done a good job of backing me up in this, siding in favor of free will and against things that go against it.

But I like to push my luck sometimes, so I asked about it again. I asked if God knows in advance how each of our lives will end.

God seems to know that if I ask about something that I’ve asked about before that there was something that I found lacking in the previous answer, so she always manages to come up with a new way to answer me each time.

She told me that she doesn’t know how our lives will end but that if she wants to she can figure it out on a case by case basis. And usually figuring out one person’s future shows her a lot about other people’s futures, too, so she tries not to do too much prognosticating. Here’s an analogy that she gave me. Imagine that you’re at some roadside restaurant and they give you one of those children’s menus that’s chock full of activities. You flip it over and see that there’s a maze. You don’t know the path through the maze but it doesn’t take a whole lot of looking for you to see which paths lead to dead ends and which route will make it through. Our lives are kind of like that maze to God. The path through is our life and the dead ends are parts of other people’s lives, sometimes the final part.

So I guess the old computer game, Adventure, gave us a pretty good metaphor for life when it told us, “you are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.”

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