Commercial Interests

Today God turned the tables and had a question for me. It relates to what I was talking about yesterday, about how I make a point every year of watching the commercials that are shown during the Superbowl. He wanted to know why I avoid commercials the rest of the year but set aside time for them this one day.

I told him that it really comes down to two things. During the Superbowl I can count on the advertisers to bring out new commercials. The rest of the year I’m more likely to see a commercial that’s been run a hundred times than one that’s new. The other thing is that I trust that great effort has been expended to make the Superbowl commercials entertaining in and of themselves. I try not to watch mediocre TV shows, and I definitely try to avoid reruns of mediocre television.

Then God asked me why I didn’t seem to care if the commercials were informative, why I didn’t care if they educated me about the products.

And the thing is, I gave up on that notion long, long ago. Even ads in magazines don’t usually try and be informative. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs. But hey, who needs informative when you’ve got talking chimps.

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