Uniform Religion

So the upcoming Superbowl got me to wondering about something. I got to wondering what makes the football players outfit a uniform rather than a costume.

God cleared it up for me. He said that when you wear distinctive clothing as part of being something, then that’s a uniform. If you wear distinctive clothing as part of pretending to be something, that’s a costume. Uniforms are always about taking away individuality and making the wearer an interchangeable part of the group. Costumes may do that, but they may do the opposite.

He went on to tell me that the same concept can be applied to things other than clothing. For example, when people attend church services because they sincerely believe in God and believe that their church helps them to communicate with God, then their religion is a uniform that makes them the same as their fellow churchgoers. On the other hand, many people go to church for reasons other than a sincere belief in God; for them, religion is just a costume.

So uniform or costume? When it comes to religion, it’s up to you.

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