Lions Ahead at Half Time

My mind is still on the upcoming Superbowl. Football has been called a modern form of gladiatorial combat. I asked God how he felt about that. I mean, back in the days of the gladiators they were just one part of the bread and circuses; another part was throwing the Christians to the lions.

To my surprise, God said that he didn’t really take it personally when people were tossed into an arena to be torn apart by wild animals because they practiced the “wrong” religion. After all, the people being thrown to the lions weren’t being any more tolerant and inclusive in their religious practices than the people doing the throwing.

On the other hand, just because he’s gotten used to us killing each other in his name, doesn’t mean he likes it. So if you’re part of a religion that has ever advocated intolerance or violence, you might want to think a little harder about what you’re support enables.

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