Athletic Supporters

So, finishing off this week’s sports theme, I decided to ask God what she could tell me about our worldwide fascination with physical competition. If there’s anything that rivals religion for the amount of time we devote to it, especially on Sundays, it’s sports.

God says, we revere people that are good at sports so that, if we ever wipe out civilization, we’ll have some people around that can take on the wild animals around us. Somewhere in our collective subconscious we figure we may need to hunt again and also to have people that can defend us from the lions and bears in the world.

It’s all about a fallback position. It’s like when someone wants to break into show business but they study accounting so they’ll have something to do if they don’t make it. It may be our brains that put as at the top of the food chain, but as a species, we still want to keep some athletes around. Just in case.

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