Peak Oil

There’s this thing out there called Peak Oil. Peak Oil is the point at which the daily production of crude oil reaches the maximum it’s ever going to be. Now production here means “taking oil out of the ground” since the actual production of the oil was a natural process that took millions of years. Some of the people that look to figure out when the point of peak oil will happen think that we’ve already hit it. Most of the rest think we’ll get there in the next decade or two.

I asked God about Peak Oil. She wouldn’t tell me if we’ve hit or, if we haven’t, when we will, which was just sticking to her rules about not making any predictions, so as not to give me an unfair advantage. She did all but confirm the concept, however. She told me that oil is supposed to be a bootstrap fuel. We use it to develop our technological society and then we move on. So I asked what we are supposed to move on to. Solar? Nuclear? Wind? Geothermal? Organic thermal depolymerization?

She asked me why I thought the next phase should be just one thing. Just because we started off on a vehicle with training wheels doesn’t mean all future transportation has to be bicycles.

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