You Say You Want an Evolution

One of the big fights between the Christian Fundamentalists and, well, others, is the battle over which is correct, Evolution or Intelligent Design. It’s such a big battle, in fact, that you can expect me to keep bringing it up when I talk with God. It’s not that I think God has been holding out on me or that I can’t accept what he’s told me about it, it’s just that so many people are so caught up in this that I want to keep finding new ways to talk about it so that for everyone reading there’ll be at least one way that gets through to them.

Now in case you’ve missed it, Intelligent Design is the idea that God created things pretty much as they are, but the idea is dressed up to look kind of like science. They dress it up and leave God out of it because they want to get around the prohibition in the United States constitution against government supported religion. They want to get around that so they can get the basics of Creationism taught in public schools. The main thing that God has to say about this is that lying, no matter how subtly it’s done, is no way to get on his good side.

He’s also told me time and time again that he gave us our brains to use. He made the universe a puzzle for us to figure out. It’s great for people to know that he created the universe, but it’s even more important for us to figure out how the universe works. He doesn’t care if he gets credit nearly as much as he cares that we learn and grow as individuals and as a people.

So when we look at the world around us, examples of evolution abound and we’re not supposed to ignore them or look the other way. When I asked God if Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection was true, he told me that it was definitely the best explanation for the “how” of evolution that we’ve come up with so far. God told me that he’s very proud of Darwin for developing the theory and his only surprise is that someone didn’t figure it out sooner.

So if your goal is to get into Heaven, denying what science has shown us about the way God’s universe works isn’t the way to do it. So believe that God created the universe or don’t, but if you believe in God, unless you think that God is stupid, you should believe that evolution is an intelligent design.

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“the ape was a great big hit”

You sound a little bit like Daniel Waterhouse in this one…


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