Dogs and Cats

I was thinking about “cat people” versus “dog people” and it occurred to me to wonder if God ever thought of us as pets. Of course there’s a lot of different animals that we keep as pets, so reducing it down to a question of dogs versus cats is about as much of an over simplification as the Republican position of you’re either with us or you’re against us. Still it was dogs and cats I was thinking about when I asked God if she ever looked at us as pets, and so it was about dogs and cats that she answered me.

She told me that she loves everyone but that loving us didn’t always mean liking us or liking what we do.

“Dog” people will tell you that nothing is more loyal than a good dog. Dogs love their masters unconditionally and completely. Dogs seem to relate to us much the way I imagine the ancient Greeks and Romans related to their gods. They see us as magical beings able to navigate the world with an ease and power that they can only ever approach in their dreams.

“Cat” people will tell you that cats are independent beings that like having us around but that they won’t put up with any nonsense. A cat does not love unconditionally, rather it lets us know that we must earn its love. A cat, while not seeing itself as equal to humans, does not see itself as being lesser either, just different.

Given all of that, God told me that religious people tend to be like dogs, while people that are merely spiritual or even atheistic are more like cats.

She says she likes dogs, and can certainly enjoy their company, but she rarely admires them. Cats, though, cats can be quite admirable, but at times, well at times they’re pretty annoying.

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