See or Seem

One of the ways we define people as crazy is that they hallucinate. They see things that aren’t there, they talk to people that don’t exist, they live in their own little worlds. Now I’m not talking clinical definitions here, just things that the ordinary man on the street can see and call crazy.

I got to wondering if maybe I’m crazy. After all I talk with God. And look at the ground rules he’s set up. He only comes around when I’m alone. I can’t record him or take any pictures. He won’t make any verifiable predictions about the future. It’s got to look pretty suspicious to any of you reading this. I thought, what is there to convince anybody that I’m not just imagining all of this?

Then I thought, most of the people reading these posts haven’t even met me, how do they even know that I’m not some made up character?

There didn’t seem to be any good answers to these questions, so I’ve decided to just share them here and otherwise ignore them. I’m mean after all if I’m the one talking to God and I’m not even real, what would that say about God?

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