Magical Thinking

I got to thinking about “magical thinking” today. Most people engage in magical thinking periodically, some people can carry it to extremes but for most of us I think it’s just a bit of fun. Just so were on the same page, here’s what I mean when I say magical thinking. I mean the type of thinking where we try and will something to happen, where we try to make something happen just by the force of our thinking.

For people with obsessive compulsive disorder this can go to extremes. They might decide in their minds that turning the doorknob three times before locking their door keeps burglars from entering their house and then obsess all day over whether or not they turned it three times that morning.

For less obsessive types, we might just try our long distance telekinesis to get the right balls to blow into the Powerball chute. Or we might have a button in our car that doesn’t do anything that we press when we need to find a parking space.

I asked God what she thought about all of this. I thought she might relate it to a form of prayer, but instead she just told me that she thought people could be pretty weird at times.

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