One of the things that all religions seem to have in common is lots of rituals. Christians have their masses. Catholics have the Rosary. Buddhists meditate. It seems that everybody has some sort of formal prayers. The Muslims have to turn and face Mecca several times a day. The lists just go on.

I asked God why we’re so caught up in ritual, why we’re so drawn to it.

He told me that he put it into us so that we’d be sure to find the scientific method. In the scientific method, we carefully repeat experiments, changing usually one thing at a time so that we can isolate what the effects of that one thing are. It’s the basis of most of the advances that humanity has made since we left behind hunting and gathering as our primary means of survival. Applying the scientific method is a very ritualistic process and it developed partially out of our need for ritual and partially out of our need for variety.

Religions just capitalized on our need for ritual. They took advantage of the fact that we seem to want it whether or not it produces any results.

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