End Games

Live each day as if it will be your last. That’s a maxim that a lot of people like to cite to encourage us to live life to its fullest, to help us to avoid looking back with regret.

God tells me though, that many people just use it to justify their own selfishness. She says they ignore what should be the second part, that we should live each day as if we’ll have a million more.

This tied in to the discussion we had Friday about the Rapture. The evangelical types that think the Rapture will happen any day now, are the ones who are, in a sense, telling us we don’t have to live for tomorrow, or at least not for the day after tomorrow. But it’s like we’re playing a board game that could end at any time. In games that are won by having captured the most of something when the game ends, you play very differently if you know it’s the last turn than if it might go on for a long time more. So the message God gave me is to always play for the long game, because she just might not count what we do when we can see the end coming.

Anyway, the idea of the Rapture and the idea of living each day as if it will be your last, seem like two great tastes that taste great together, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that anything you use as an excuse to be selfish and shortsighted is going to win you points with God.

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