Inheritance Attack

In the book of psalms (37:11) it says, “But the meek shall inherit the Earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.” I’ve been trying to reconcile this revelation with the actions of the Republican party for some years now.

The Republicans have made great efforts to convince us that they’re the party of Jesus, that their’s is the politics of the Bible, yet their actions seem completely at odds with this simple sentence from psalms, containing one of the most famous phrases in the Bible. The Republicans dismantle government assistance to the poor, they advocate the death penalty, they push us to war, and they do as much as they can get away with to shift wealth from the workers that create it to the corporations and the rich that own them.

I finally figured it out though.

The meek will inherit the Earth, so the Republicans are doing their best to make sure it’s not worth enough to qualify for the estate tax.

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On April 3, 2007 at 10:02 pm


“Meek shall inherit the earth” – what does THAT mean? “The losers shall remain behind”? “The shy ones are lucky because the rest will be annihilated”? “The nerds shall be left in their caves”?

Never understood it. But then, I never understood “meek”. Meek == weak in my book. Yes, you’re meek. you’re mild. You’re useless to the human race unless you’re DOING something. And if you’re not, pop a cap in your head and get out of our way.

The meek shall inherit the earth… the meek need to be buried so the rest of us can evolve



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