God’s Friday

Well, it’s Good Friday, two days before Easter, the day we’re supposed to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

I never really understood why we call that “good,” but then I had an idea. I thought that maybe it was like African Americans embracing the “N” word or homosexuals referring to themselves as queer, or other words that had been used to attack them in the past. I thought maybe it was an example of early Christians refusing to be oppressed, turning the tables on an event the memory of which could have sent them to wallow in the deepest pits of despair, but no, they choose not to wait until Easter itself to exalt in the resurrection of their Lord, they choose to say that the killing itself was good, because without it the resurrection could never have come.

When I launched into an impassioned explanation of my theory, God just sort of looked at me funny. She said actually, the word “good” was just a degeneration of “God,” that the day was originally called “God’s Friday,” but the pronunciation had been slurred by lazy speakers over the centuries.

Boy, who would have thought that talking with God was a good way to take the magic out of the world.

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