A-tisket, A-tasket

Yesterday was Easter, so I kind of figure I need to say something about it. Now it’s pretty well known that Easter is another one of those holidays that the Christians grabbed onto to ease the transition for newly converted pagans. Easter gets to be the big spring celebration. It always happens sometime just a little past the vernal equinox and is full of celebrations of new life and rebirth. That covers things like bunnies, chicks, and the rising of slightly dead messiahs.

But since all that is pretty common knowledge, I didn’t see a whole lot of point in rehashing it with God. But then, I figure it’s kind of my avocation now to rehash things with God, so I went ahead. I outlined what I said in the last paragraph, but I was a little more verbose. Then I asked God if he had anything to add.

He said not really, but then a few minutes later, did come up with something. He told me that there was a group once that made their Easter baskets out of crowns of thorns and put them out on Saturday night for the Easter Bunny to fill, kind of like hanging up stockings at Christmas. They tried to get other people to take up the practice, but it never really caught on. People kept sticking themselves on the thorns.

Come to think of it, maybe spilling a little blood was the original way of coloring eggs.

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