Spreading the Word

Some people make a point of bringing up God all the time. In almost every conversation they point out how their decisions were informed by their understanding of God. Instead of forwarding emails containing lame jokes, they send out lame sermons and trite parables. I got one of these today. So I asked God what he felt about such evangelizing.

He told me that he mostly didn’t care. He’s actually not real big on religion. He says it’s just one way to figure out how to live good lives and that so many people have used it as a means to live bad lives, that we’d do just as well without it. He says he really got tired of the whole “worship him” thing ages ago and wishes we’d just spend more time on actually being good.

He says that being Godly is just being good. He doesn’t care so much why we we’re being good at the moment, he just wants to see more of it.

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