I was getting on the road early the other day and stopped in at a convenience store to pick up a donut and a drink. While I was in there I looked over the few shelves of groceries which hold just a little of not a lot. It got me to thinking about shopping as an analogy for the afterlife.

I started from the idea that convenience stores are like Purgatory. They don’t have good selection. They don’t have good prices. They don’t have anything particularly fresh. What they have got going for them is that they’re easy to get into and pretty quick to get out of.

So from there I figured that Heaven must be like a high end grocery store. They don’t have everything, but what they do have is the best, and you pay a premium to get it.

So what about Hell? I had a hard time with that and couldn’t really figure it out. When God stopped by for our daily chat I told her about my new analogy and asked if she had any ideas for Hell. She said that nothing was going to really capture the feel of it, but imagine going into your favorite supermarket, finding out that your favorite food was on special, and then getting arrested for paying for it with counterfeit money.

I thought about it and then decided that maybe God just wasn’t very good at analogies.

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