Soul Survivor

It’s pretty traditional to pray for the dead. The general idea is that through these prayers the soul of the departed will have a better shot of getting into Heaven. The assumption is that most of the people that anyone would bother praying for are in Purgatory. Logic suggests that if they’re already in Heaven, well the prayers will neither hurt nor help. Likewise for someone that’s gone straight to Hell. So if someone’s serving out their time in Purgatory, maybe a well timed prayer can function like a plea to the governor and get them out a little early.

God tells me this is the height of arrogance. When you pray for the dead you’re essentially telling God that you think he might have made a mistake, that maybe he tossed some poor soul into Purgatory for longer than they deserved.

He says to cut it out. He says that if you’re the type of person that goes around accusing him of screwing up, maybe you’re not the best spokesman for that particular soul.

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Comment by BobGod
On May 3, 2007 at 8:58 am

’bout time God got a backbone.

Pray to the dead… worship the ancestors… picking one’s nose generates better results.


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