A couple of times, in our conversations, God has mentioned to me that she didn’t actually have us in mind when she first created the universe. Today I decided to push for a little more information about that.

I asked God what prompted her to create us. If we had been planned from the start what made her change her plan later.

The first thing she told me was that suggesting that she changed her plan could give the wrong impression, it wasn’t that she had planned the universe to not include us, it’s that she just didn’t bother to plan everything out in advance. That’s part of why giving us free will doesn’t interfere with her plan, not everything is spelled out; she left room to improvise.

So in that spirit, in the sense that the universe is God playing out variations on a theme, she told me that she created us, as much as anything to bear witness, to be an audience to her show. That reminded me that she had once told me that the Earth is like a sitcom, so I asked her which was the truth, that we were part of the audience, or that we were part of the show? She just laughed and told me that both were true.

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