If you’ve read Monday’s post, you know that God created us both as an audience for the show that is the universe and as entertainment for her to watch. After God left, I found myself wondering about a couple of things that I maybe should have asked about at the time. So I made a point of bringing them up first thing when she came by again.

The first question I asked was why she needed us to be an audience, didn’t she already have the Angels. She told me that Angels don’t really make a very good audience. Angels had been around since the start of things, so they don’t tend to get surprised, they don’t have much of a sense of wonder, so they just can’t appreciate her work like someone coming to it fresh. For that, mortality really helps. Also, it seems they don’t have much of a sense of humor.

That actually kept me from having to ask the other question I had in mind. I wanted to know something about how we were created, but before I could get to that she started to tell me. It seems she was watching some early primates at play and was inspired by them. She wanted something with the intelligence to appreciate what she had created but with the sense of humor to not take it all too seriously. So she gave evolution a couple of nudges, and then, a few million years later, here we are.

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