So one of the things that I’ve gotten from my conversations with God is that he created evolution long before he created us and even used evolution to create us. God doesn’t like to go into too much detail when talking about such things, he says that he gave us science and our wonderful brains to use to get at the details. Still, he can’t avoid details entirely and still have anything to say. I use that to my advantage by occasionally bringing up things we’ve talked about before and coming at them from different directions. If I’m not too blatant about this, God lets me get away with it.

I’ve managed to piece together that when he decided to create mankind, God looked around for something suitable to use as a starting point. He settled on primates and by dint of his inhuman patience was able to give just the slightest nudges to evolutionary processes and wait a few million years for the results to pan out.

So given that evolution had created apes and that we’re unusual but not that unusual as apes go, I had to wonder what it means when God tells me that we’re created in his image. So I probed him for some more details about that. I mean he’s always appeared to me as a human, but he’s been young, he’s been old, he’s been male, he’s been female, and occasionally he’s been disturbingly indeterminate, but he’s always been human.

He told me that he can, of course, appear in any form he wants. Just as many people like to dress up in costumes, he has fun appearing in human form. He says it also makes it easier to communicate with us if he looks like one of us. So I asked him what he looks like when he’s not putting on a costume. He told me that he doesn’t actually have a natural form that can be perceived by human senses, so in that sense he’s really without form and void.

Lately though, he says he’s been having a lot of fun taking on the form of a flying spaghetti monster.

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