In His Image

Earlier this week I started talking to God about what it means that we were created in his image. He’s told me in the past that the human form came about through natural evolutionary processes with just the slightest directional nudges from him. He also told me that he doesn’t have anything like a natural form of his own, so that means that it isn’t our physical design that was created in his image.

So that leaves our brains, right? Well, according to what he told me, yes and no.

Our brains are where we connect our souls to our bodies. When we think, there’s a mix of emotions and logic that comes together in a swirl of flesh and soul. Before I could even get out my next question, God told me that neither emotion nor logic comes just from the brain or from the soul, that both have both, but they deal with them in different ways that he wasn’t going to explain to me now. What he did say was that “mind” was as good a word as any to describe the confluence of brain and soul.

And that’s it then, our minds are what was created in the image of God.

Of course, some images are better copies than others.

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