A Little Pinch of God

I’ve been talking with God about what it means to be created in the image of God. She’s told me that it’s not our bodies but our minds that are created in her image and that our minds are a combination of our brains and our souls. I wanted to know a little more about what our souls contribute to who we are, so I kept the conversation going.

God gave me a metaphor to work with. She told me to imagine that she was a giant ball of modeling clay, with bits of it in every color imaginable and some that aren’t. If we reached out and pinched off a tiny, tiny bit of clay, and smushed it into our brains, that would be our soul. Everyone would have different bits and different combinations of colors. If you looked over a field strewn with souls, there’d be some colors that were pretty common and some that were pretty rare. The pinches would all be more alike than not, but they’d each be unique, each would, in some way, be its own thing.

So we each have a little pinch of God inside of us.

I just hope it isn’t inside the appendix or the tonsils.

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