I was looking at an art book when God stopped by today, so our conversation pretty quickly got around to the subject of beauty. Beauty is one of those words, like love, that everyone uses but whose definition is rather amorphous. It’s one of those subjective things. Sure we can (mostly) all agree that a rose is beautiful but there’s a lot of edge cases that some people find beautiful and others ugly. Just get together a group of random people and start discussing abstract art and you should see what I mean.

What God told me gave me a new way of looking at it. He didn’t exactly clear things up, but he did give me a new frame of reference. He said that beauty is the language of the soul. Just as we use words to try and convey meaning from one brain to the next, beauty is how we connect from one soul to the next.

So some people speak eloquently and articulately and some people seem to just create beauty in everything they do, but just as some people say really stupid things, some people just seem to have a lot of ugly in them. I suppose it might be just the luck of the draw, but then, maybe like drawing, it’s something we could all get better at if we just practiced a little bit.

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