Two Timing

There were two deaths in the last week or so that mattered to those of us here at unscriptured. The first was Reverend Jerry Falwell. The second was the mother of our tech guy, Fang. They were both pompous blowhards that used religion to guide their lives but beyond that they didn’t have a whole lot in common.

I talked there deaths over with God and we spent some time comparing and contrasting them. The main point I remember is that when it came to religion, Fang’s mother was a steadfast Catholic but she kept her religion largely to herself and her children. Reverend Falwell, on the other hand, carried his faith like a sword into battle. He used his beliefs and a gift for rhetoric to get rich and to push intolerance and his narrow interpretations of the Bible.

When I asked Fang what he’d like to say in remembrance of his mother he said simply that the harm she inflicted on the world was considerably smaller than the good she inflicted.

I wish the same could be said about Reverend Falwell.

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