Again With the Intelligent Design

So God and I got to talking about Intelligent Design again today. It wasn’t a long conversation, mostly because we’ve hashed a lot of it out before, but I like to go back from time to time and fill in the details.

As a matter of fact, filling in the details is kind of what we talked about this time. One of the big things that seems to get on the nerves of Intelligent Design advocates and other Creationists is the gaps in the fossil record. Now as we dig up more fossils we keep filling in more and more of the details, closing more and more of the gaps, but unless we were to find the fossilized remains of every animal that ever lived, someone would probably be able to find a gap that they would claim couldn’t have been leapt across merely by evolution.

So I asked God what she thought about being the God of the Gaps, being the Intelligent Designer only because of the limited knowledge and imaginations of many of her biggest proponents.

She sighed and told me that one of the biggest problems with Intelligent Design is that as theories go, it’s not a very intelligent design.

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