Too Many Whys

Anyone who has ever had a parent is probably familiar with certain phrases. Today I got one of those phrases from God, and I gotta say that it gained a certain extra weight from that source.

I was bugging God about death. It’s sort of an age old philosophical question: Why do things have to die? Why can’t we live forever, or at least not age, living until we do something terminally stupid or just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

I suppose I was getting to be somewhat like a four year old in my persistence. God kept evading giving any sort of definitive answer and I kept on asking.

Finally, he turned to me and gave me that look that all mothers and fathers eventually resort to and just said to me, because I said so.

And I had to stop. Because, well, because God saying so really is sort of a definitive answer. Things die because God said that things will die. He didn’t have to have a reason, it might just have been arbitrary or it might not, but well, I’ll probably never know.

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