Can You Hear Me Now

Every once in a while life throws you a perfect tableau. I was driving along on the freeway today and in the next lane over I noticed the advertising on a car. They were touting that they were experts in Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology. For those that may not know, few though you may be these days, VOIP is the means by which phone calls are made through the internet instead of through a traditional phone system. We can ignore the technicality that both systems use a lot of the same plumbing.

Right behind these technological wizzes, was a Sprint company car.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Sprint and its ilk were the new kids on the telephony block, but now that mantle has moved on to the VOIP providers, so it was kind of cool to see Sprint literally riding along in the wake of VOIP.

I pointed it out to God, to see if he was as amused by this as I was. He grinned a little and said it kind of reminded him of watching the mammals scurrying around the feet of the big dinosaurs, but that when it came down to it, that sort of thing does become old hat after a few million repetitions. Then if you’re tired of it, I asked, why are you grinning. He told me that it was nice to see things through fresh eyes every once in a while.

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